Works, Inc. Original Equipment Manufacturer of Micro Gear Pumps
  • X-Series Family

    Flight Works, Inc. designs and manufactures high precision micro gear pumps that provide smooth, pulse-free operation for pumping a wide range of fluids. Our gear pumps are ideally suited for applications requiring a power dense product (i.e. high performance in a small size), with a high level of quality and reliability. Features include:

    • Three unique product series (C-Series, X-Series, M-Series), each with its own advantages
    • Configurations for corrosive and/or aggressive fluids, including solvents, propellants, oils, alcohols, etc.
    • High-pressure models, capable of up to 1000 psid
    • From dosing flows (sub-mL/min) up to 2.5 L/min
    • Customization options, including fluid interface, control, and materials

  • Accessories

    Flight Works, Inc. offers a wide variety of accessories for pump and other applications. From various size ball bearings, to flow valves, to speed controllers and more, our inventory is stocked to meet your system requirements at competitive prices. See the chart below for a detailed overview of the accessories available, and please call or email us for pricing and order details.