Works, Inc. Original Equipment Manufacturer of Micro Gear Pumps
  • C-Series (Coreless Motor) Gear Pumps - 2422-C22

    C-Series pumps are ideally suited for size-constrained, low-flow systems requiring minimal power consumption and simple control. Common applications include fuel cells, dosing/metering, laboratory equipment, etc.

    Features include:

      • High-quality coreless (brushed) motors, with DC voltage control and relatively high life
      • Quiet and smooth operation
      • Optional encoders and gearboxes available
      • Compatible with fuels, oils, glycols, and more

  • X-Series (Brushless Motor) Gear Pumps - 2212-X06

    X-Series pumps are ideally suited for higher-life, high power density systems, especially in the aerospace, robotics, and hydraulics markets. Common applications include fuel injection for small vehicles, hydraulic actuation, cooling, etc.

    Features include:

      • High-quality, Swiss-made brushless motors, with Hall sensors for feedback control and high life expectancy
      • High torque capabilities, supplying differential pressures up to 300 psid
      • Various speed controllers for precise and programmable operation
      • Compatible with fuels, oils, glycols, and more

  • 2204-M03X0n

    M-Series pumps are ideally suited for higher-end, reliability-focused systems requiring the highest life and performance, as well as difficult or unique fluids. Common applications include R&D testing, space propulsion and fueling, cytometry/chromatography, medical/pharmaceutical equipment, etc.

    Features include:

      • Magnetically coupled pump head and motor; no shaft seal or wetted motor components
      • Coreless and brushless motor configurations, w/ full range of encoders, gearboxes, controllers, etc.
      • Widest range of flow capabilities, from µL dosing to 2.5 L/min
      • Compatible with water, alcohols, solvents, fuels/propellants, oils, glycols, and much more
      • Highest pressure capabilities, up to 1000 psid with some models and fluids